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Rat Shield - Fuse Box לארונות חשמל ותקשורת - תוצרת מגנור


Magnor's Fuse Box- rat protection is a unique revolutionary system for rats and mice control, preventing the damages causes by rodents such as mice and rats. Rodents, such as rats and mice have a wide hearing range that includes high ultrasonic frequencies. The system creates a hostile zone, forcing them to escape from it. Magnor's Rat Control is a professional tool for preventing damages caused by rats and mice and is effective in solving rodent problems in general.

Main features:

• Produces an ultrasonic sound beam, which is effective for a 10 meter range with a 180º sound beam.

• Three way built-in speakers with high sound quality of 24 bit.

• Equipped with din rail mount for easy installation in standard fuse box and electrical cabinets.

• Randomly frequency changes in range of 21-35 kHz controlled by a smart CPU.

• Equipped with 2 indication lights in the front of the unit.

• Rodent free area 100%.

Who is it for?
מפעלים- תעשיות ביטחוניות- חדרי חשמל- חדרי שרתים- קניונים- בתי אב- בנייני מגורים


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