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BirdLinePro - Bird Control Stripe - Made by Magnor


The BirdLine Pro is a revolutionizing bird control hi-tech solution. It consists of two main parts: a solar box and a Birdline stripe. The solar box generates harmless electric pulses to the Birdline stripe that result in scaring the birds away and back to nature.

Main features:

The system knows how to deal with all wing owners such as: crows, deer, various seabirds and of course pigeons.

Easy installation plug n' play kit. No need for special tools or skills to install it.

Suitable for any surface.

Reliable product and cost effective.

QC certified ISO 9001: 2008.

Low profile- 3 mm.

Uv resistance.

Functions in extreme weather conditions.

Clear and transparent look.

100% success in solving your bird control problem.

Exclusively manufactured by Magnor in Israel.

Who is it for?

The bird removal system is suitable for all roof awnings - window sills - shingles - balconies - mysterious air conditioners - warehouses and solar systems


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