Bat Removal from All Buildings

Bat Removal / Bat Control
Magnor develops and manufactures bat deterrence systems.
The bat removal system is developed and manufactured by Magnor Israel and comes with a "Made in Israel" label, a warranty and nationwide service. Magnor developed an innovative bat removal method based on sound waves, which greatly differs from outdated methods that use pesticides.

Durable in all weather conditions 

Complies with all relevant standards

Developed and manufactured in Israel

Research-tested & proven

Solar energy powered

Clean & aesthetic design for all surfaces

100%-effective bird control solution

User-friendly solution

UV resistant

Innovative design for all building types

The advantages of electronic bat removal / bat deterrence in comparison with pesticide use

Magnor's electronic bat control system protects the environment, and does not lead to bat extermination or bat corpses that must be removed from the premises. Most importantly, Magnor Israel's electronic pest control does not use any chemicals or poisons that can cause harm, and yet is still very effective in solving the bat problem.

Multi-frequency sonar creates a continuous sonar shield that disrupts the bats' sonar capabilities and compels them to alter their flight course. As a result, the bats leave the area and do not tarnish the protected premises.

Bats are usually active at night. They live in packs and can mostly be found in urban and industrial areas. Bats use sonar for aerial navigation, and Magnor's bat control method uses high-frequency sound waves that cannot be detected by humans. These ultrasound waves disrupt bats' sonar capabilities and force them to leave the premises. The system's constant activation maintains steady bat control and removal, and puts an end to bat soiling.

Why is it recommended to deter bats rather than exterminate them?

Poison-based bat extermination is considered extremely cumbersome and damaging to the environment. Electronic bat control removes bats from designated areas permanently without harming the environment. These advantages and more are the reason why many prefer electronic bat control.

Bat removal is accomplished via an electronic bat control system that provides a sustainable solution to bats that fly around and tend to scare people. Magnor's electronic bat control system is installed onsite by an expert technician, guarantees the removal of bats from private residence areas and industrial areas, and prevents bats from staining building walls.

To remove bats, Magnor's bat deterrence systems combine several elements that ensure fast and optimal results. Magnor's systems are uniquely developed and manufactured by Magnor in Israel, and are complemented by expert service and a product warranty. Magnor bat control systems are designated for the protection of private houses, parking lots, buildings and residential projects, and more. With Magnor's systems, bats are deterred from areas that they can inhibit for dwelling purposes, and unwanted stains are prevented.

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From a wide range of bat removal solutions, Magnor's electronic bat control system provides the best long-term results.

Bat Deterrence Q&A

How can bats be deterred?

Magnor uses an innovative sound wave-based method to deter bats. Bats use sonar to find their way, and send sound waves in order to map their surroundings.

How can bats be removed?

Magnor uses the "bat language" to remove bats from specific area, relying on sound waves rather than poisons and pesticides, which are outdated methods that are used for bat extermination.

How can bats be banished?

There are a number of ways for bat control, some of which include poisons and pesticides. Magnor does not use these methods, but rather relies on an innovative sound wave-based method that does not harm the environment, yet banishes bats for good.

What can be done when bats are around?

There are many options, including spreading poisons and pesticides. These methods are considered environmentally dangerous. Yet today, in light of current scientific developments, bat deterrence can be environmentally-friendly while still achieving long-term results.

Is Magnor standard certified?

Yes. Magnor complies with the standards of the Standards Institute of Israel and is certified for electronic pest control.

Is there a warranty for bat deterrence?

Magnor provides a 5-year warranty and more for its system and its system efficiency.

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