Electronic Bird Control System By Magnor

Looking for the ultimate bird removal solution? Magnor's Bird Control system has your needs covered

Birds can cause significant damage in residential and industrial areas. They invade farming areas,
feast on fish in fish ponds, leave a mess in shopping centers, dirty solar panels, and more.
If your home or business suffers from a harmful bird presence, Magnor has the solution you need. Our advanced bird control systems do not cause birds any harm, yet make sure they disappear for

Durable in all weather conditions 

The only company in Israel certified for electronic pest control

Developed and manufactured in Israel

Research-tested & proven

Solar energy powered

Clean & aesthetic design for all surfaces

100%-effective bird control solution

User-friendly solution

UV resistant

Innovative design for all building types

The Basics of Advanced Bird Removal

There is a stark difference between bird removal and bird extermination. Bird extermination is harmful to birds, is unaesthetic and can also harm your family. We do not support bird extermination – our system is more efficient and humane, and its advantages far outweigh any other solution in the market. Magnor's smart system provides electronic bird deterrence, creating an uncomfortable environment for pigeons and other birds.

Contrary to other pigeon deterrence solutions, Magnor's system is sustainable for many years, in different weather conditions, and creates an environment that pigeons and other birds cannot bear, which is the reason they leave and do not come back. The system causes birds no harm – it simply creates an aversion to nesting and to walking on window ledges, laundry areas, pergolas, and other house and yard areas.

Durable & Highly Reliable Pigeon Control

Magnor's electronic pigeon control system is developed and manufactured in-house, and comes with transparent, HDPE-UV stabilized pressure strips with aluminum stitches that serve as electricity voltage conductors. These pressure strips create an uncomfortable area for pigeons and birds to walk on or nest in. This method causes birds no harm, but deters them from coming back to the area.

Magnor Electronic Pest Control Ltd. is the first Israeli company to work in the field of electronic pest control. We cooperate with governmental and civil institutions such as: military industries, food industries, telecommunications, computer industries, electrical infrastructure and the private sector.

From a wide range of pigeon removal solutions, Magnor's electronic
pigeon control system provides the best long-term results

Did you know? If you choose spikes as your bird removal method, in the long run, pigeons will find a way to nest between the spikes, even if they hurt themselves in the process.

Technology that Makes a Difference

There are many popular pigeon removal methods in the market, including nets, poison-extermination and spikes. These solutions are dangerous, hard-to-install in certain areas, and ruin the natural landscape. In addition, they are not effective long-term solutions.

Pigeon extermination is harmful for the environment, is very unaesthetic and can also pose risks for family members. The most effective pigeon control product is the one that does not harm pigeons (and cannot potentially harm family members), yet does not allow them to dwell nearby. That is exactly how Magnor's eco-friendly pigeon control system operates.

Magnor's electronic pigeon control system is controlled by a smart transmitter, which controls the pulse voltage and automatically adapts to changing conditions (moisture, hour of the day, night/day, and more). The pulse rate changes randomly, therefore eliminating the possibility of birds "getting used" to the system and finding a way to bypass it. A feeling of discomfort will make any bird avoid the area and fly elsewhere. The system is a great long-term solution, and is safe for people, pigeons, ravens and other birds.

Simple, User-Friendly Installation

Magnor's bird control systems can be conveniently installed on all rooftops, window sills, balconies, laundry areas, storerooms and solar systems.

Systems & Pergolas

Balconies & Penthouses

Shopping Centers & Restaurants

Tile Roofs

For an attractive price quote, contact us today. We will install a durable bird control system quickly and efficiently, in accordance with your specific needs. Need more information? We'll be happy to help!
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