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Magnor Bat Control - Sonar Force - תוצרת מגנור


The bat control-EN87 ultrasonic speaker generates the ultrasonic sound output pulses in order to interrupt the bats navigation senses and to move them away from strictures and other protected places. The "magnor" ultrasonic speaker is equipped whit high-quality speaker membrane and pulse beam in order to increase the efficiency of the ultrasonic unit. Each unit is equipped with a smart CPU that controls the intensity and the tempo of the ultrasonic output pulses. The "magnor" ultrasonic speaker is additionally equipped with special L.E.D light that helps disorientate the bats navigation senses and prevent them from approaching the protected areas. This model has an option to work with a solar power charging module, the module equipped with a high-quality li-ion battery for reliability and battery long life under hard conditions.

Main features:

• Generates ultrasonic horizontal and vertical acoustic beam inefficient range of 7 meters and 40° degrees.

• 3 way ultrasonic speakers.

• Randomly changing frequency in the range of 45-55 kHz.

• Ultrasonic sound Intensity between 30-70 DB.

• Two built-in indicators LED lights on the top of the device.

• LED customized white light.

למי זה מתאים:
בתי אב- גינות- בריכות- מרפסות- מרכזי קניות- מבנים ציבוריים- מפעלים אצטדיונים


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