Private Houses

Solutions for Residential Houses and Apartments

Magnor's triple technological shield protects private residences from damage caused by rodents, bats and pigeons.

חוויית המגורים הבסיסית ביותר אמורה לספק תחושת בטחון, אסתטיקה והיגיינה. חולדות, עטלפים ויונים יכולים לערער בקלות על תחושות אלו, ולסדוק אפילו את חוויות המגורים הטובות ביותר. המערכות של מגנור מסייעות לדיירי בתים ודירות ליהנות מהחוויה הביתית, ולהפסיק לחשוש מאורחים בלתי רצויים.

Introducing our advanced systems:

Rat Shield RS 1800:  

Sonar ForceAn innovative system developed by Magnor, which transmits high-density sound waves that force bats to change their flight routes, thus removing them from the proximity of your house walls, pool and residential environment.

BirdLine Pro: A system that keeps pigeons away from apartments and houses, and protects roofs, balconies and pergolas from damages caused by feces and feathers. The system's processor transmits multi-frequency pulses into pressure strips located in strategic locations. This is an ideal protective solution for marble thresholds, windows, solar panels and cornices.

Israel and international development and
manufacturing by Magnor Israel


Research-tested & proven

The only company in Israel certified for electronic pest control

A robust 100%-effective electronic rodent control solution

Magnor's systems are installed and operate successfully in thousands of homes in Israel

You deserve to enjoy a burden-free living experience. Magnor can help. Contact us today.

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