Avix- Intelligent automated bird repellent system

Avix- Intelligent automated bird repellent system


AVIX Autonomic is the newest generation of automated intelligent laser bird repellents. It is an effective solution to repel birds in an animal-friendly way. The AVIX Autonomic covers the area that needs protection from birds continuously. Birds perceive the approaching laser as a physical danger and avoid the area.
The laser bird repellent has proven to be effective over time without habituation.

Main features:

Connect wirelessly•
•Components of the AVIX Autonomic can easily be replaced, minimizing downtime.
Immediate and long-lasting results•
•Effective bird repelling across long distances and wide spaces
•24/7 prevention of bird presence
•Neighbor-friendly and silent bird repellent
•AVIX Autonomic always operates safely, without harming people.

About AVIX

The  solutions provides long-term solutions for large-scale bird problems in different contexts by using a unique combination of technology and support services.

solutions AVIX dominates the market for bird control with state-of-the-art systems and support services, bringing solutions for large-scale applications at much lower costs than existing methods,
without causing nuisances to other animals or humans.

AVIX solutions provide immediate positive results with a fast return on investment. After the investment, we work together with our customers to reach their desired results.

After the bird problem is solved, we continue to optimize the system for maximum effectiveness at lower annual costs. AVIX

Application accessories

With the AVIX Autonomic we provide a flexible solution. The system can be adapted to any kind of environment. It can be installed on a pole, the (extended) frame, or it can be mounted to a wall.

These are only a few examples of the many ways the AVIX Autonomic can be installed.


Instruction manual

Technical specifications

Durable in all weather conditions 

Complies with all relevant standards

Developed and manufactured in Israel

Research-tested & proven

Solar energy powered

Clean & aesthetic design for all surfaces

100%-effective bird control solution

User-friendly solution

UV resistant

Innovative design for all building types


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