Solutions for Factories

When your factory works like clockwork, it's best not to let rodents and pigeons get in the way. This is where Magnor comes in.


Mangor specializes in protective solutions for factories, which effectively remove the presence of rodents and pigeons. Rodents are the ultimate unwanted guests, especially in factories that specialize in food production. They chew packaged goods, invade production lines and create electric and communication malfunctions. If that's not enough, then pigeons can make matters even worse. Pigeon droppings are acidic and can harm goods and machinery. They can also lead to disease.

Introducing our advanced systems:

Rat Shield RS 1800: An electronic system for rat and rodent deterrence via ultrasonic sound waves. The sound waves create an effective deterrence that specifically targets rodents' hearing range and prevents them from entering areas where the system is deployed – machine rooms, production lines, warehouses and more.

BirdLine Pro: An innovative system that deters pigeons once and for all. The system's processor transmits multi-frequency pulses into pressure strips that discourage pigeons from visiting the premises – without causing them any harm. The result? Zero bird droppings in the factories' vicinity.

Israel and international development and
manufacturing by Magnor Israel


Research-tested & proven

The only company in Israel certified for electronic pest control

A robust 100%-effective electronic rodent control solution

The following factories use Magnor's system with great success:

Want to discourage pigeons and rodents from visiting your factory? Contact Magnor today. We're here to help.

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