Infrastructure Solutions

Rats are always searching for things to gnaw, and they are very prone to gnawing cables and communication wiring. By partnering with Magnor, the leading electronic rodent control experts, organizations can protect their infrastructure from rats and other rodents.

Electric and communication infrastructures are the basis for the today's modern workplace – and rodents are their worst enemies. Magnor's systems effectively deter rats and rodents from all important cables, ensuring a seamless work environment. 

Introducing our advanced systems:

Rat Shield RS 1800: An electronic system that deters rats and rodents via ultrasonic sound waves. The system transmits sound waves in frequencies that are out of the human audial range (as well as other animals) but effectively deters rodents from entering the premises. The system is specifically designed for deployment in server rooms, communication centers and areas with extensive wiring. The RS-1800 prevents damages that can potentially shut down entire organizations and severely limit organizational workflows.

Rat Shield Fuse Box: A system designed to prevent rodents from damaging fuse boxes and communication panels. The system transmits ultrasonic sound waves that prevent rats and other rodents from approaching electric panels. The system includes an optimized fuse box interface, and is often deployed in areas with extensive cables and wiring.

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Want to banish rodents from your electric infrastructure? Magnor is here to help.

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