Solutions for Public Buildings

Magnor's top three systems provide an integrated shield that protects public buildings throughout Israel from damages caused by rodents, bats and pigeons

Public buildings must comply with high cleanliness and aesthetic standards, but rodents, bats and pigeons can turn this into an incredibly challenging task. On the other hand, there is no challenge big enough for Magnor's electronic pest control systems:

Rat Shield RS 1800: An advanced electronic system that deters rats and rodents via ultrasonic sound waves that are tailored to their unique hearing range. The system prevents rodents from entering buildings, which results in areas with zero rodent feces and gnawing damages.

 Sonar ForceAn innovative bat deterrence system designed and developed by Magnor, which transmits high-density sounds waves that create a sonar shield. This sonar shield forces bats to alter their flight course, thus acting as an effective solution for unwanted stains.

BirdLine Pro: This system deters pigeons from approaching public buildings, once and for all. The system's processor generates multi-frequency pulses that are transmitted into strategically-placed pressure strips. Pigeons that approach the area feel an uncomfortable sensation, which prompts them to quickly fly away and not return.

Our Partnership with the Tel-Aviv Municipality


In recent years, we have been working with the Tel-Aviv Municipality on a wide range of projects. Our protective solutions have been installed in schools, community centers and institutions such as "Habima" and Charles Bronfman Auditorium. In every location we have collaborated, the bat problem was solved in full and satisfactory fashion.

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