Solutions for the Agriculture Industry

Magnor helps farmers effectively respond to the challenges posed by rodents and birds. Their success is everyone's gain. 

Modern farmers have taken farming to a whole new level, and their work helps everyone maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. Yet farming is also very challenging, and one of the main challenges is the harmful presence of rodents and birds. Rodents damage crops and chew system cables. Birds spread harmful feces, eat crops and nest in closed agricultural spaces. With Magnor's integrated systems, these damages quicky disappear into distant memory.

Introducing Rat Shield RS 1800 – An Advanced Electronic Rodent Deterrence System:

  • Deters voles and other rodents from entering greenhouses and prevents plant chewing.
  • Protects automatic dairy barns, milking computers, pumping stations, irrigation control systems and communication systems from damages.
  • Effectively protects fuse boxes in fish ponds.
  • Prevents rodents from entering vineyards, climbing grapevines and eating grapes.
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Magnor combines the elite capabilities of Birdline Pro, its electrical pulse system, with Birdox, a cutting-edge laser-based system, to deter birds from designated areas without causing them harm:

  • Protects packing houses from bird damages, including produce eating and bird droppings.
  • Prevents pigeon nesting in dairy barns and feed mix eating.
  • Creates a barrier between migrating birds and dairy barns, in order to prevent the transfer of diseases.
  • Deters starlings and ravens from entering vineyards and feeding on grapes.
  • Puts an end to seed feeding during the sowing season.
  • Protects fish ponds from seabirds and migrating birds, who are accustomed to feeding on freshwater fish.

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The only company in Israel certified for electronic pest control

A robust 100%-effective electronic rodent control solution

Magnor's systems are installed and work successfully on farms all over Israel:

Magnor's advanced electronic pest control systems are the ideal solution for 21st century agriculture. Contact us today.

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