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Server rooms are the technological core of your organization, and you can't afford for rats or other rodents to compromise your operations. Magnor's ultrasonic system will make sure that never happens.

When it comes to server rooms, IT malfunctions aren't a rare occurrence, but no IT manager should have to cope with rodent wire gnawing. Unfortunately, rats gnaw just about anything, and as soon as they enter the server room, they will probably gnaw the first wire in their path.
 Magnor specializes in solutions that prevent rats, mice and other rodents from penetrating server rooms. Our team installs the Rat Shield RS-1800 – a revolutionary electronic system that uses ultrasonic sound waves to deter rodents from server rooms

The RS-1800 was specifically planned for server rooms, communication centers and areas with extensive wiring. The system sends sound waves that deter rodents from approaching the area, and are not heard by humans or other animals. As a result, the system prevents communication faults, data transfer problems and damage to key performance parameters.

Israel and international development and
manufacturing by Magnor Israel


Research-tested & proven

The only company in Israel certified for electronic pest control

A robust 100%-effective electronic rodent control solution

The RS-1800 successfully protects the following organizations' server rooms:

Want to banish rodents from your server room? Partner with Magnor. We're here to help.

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